Dogs Are Everywhere

Okay, this one is a literal pet peeve.

How do I start this one? It’s a delicate matter, y’know? Especially on the internet. Whoof, I am sweating. Anyways, here goes nothing.

I am not THAT keen on dogs…

(me; drunk and ruining a date)

There you have it. I don’t like dogs. On the infamous cats vs dogs scale, I am thoroughly on the light side. Mainly because cats have actual character as opposed to being obedient slaves to humans. However, let’s not dive too deep into this. Given a chance, I will live my life pet- and kid-free anyway.

And you’d think that’s fine, right? As long as people don’t actively go around being cruel to dogs, it could be relatively easy to let people have their opinion and preferences.

Not on the internet, mate!

Whenever there are pictures or mentions of the canines, you’ll find a variation of a quote about how dog people are the culmination of man while you should never trust a person who dislikes dogs. And the worst of it: These people BELIEVE this.

Look, everyone likes stuff. I personally think a well-made kebap is as close to ambrosia humans will get. Still, I’d stay away from statements connecting a person’s food preference and their character. So they like to eat little puppies? Who am I to judge? (I only judge people hard that put ANYTHING in their coffee.)

I jest, of course. Maybe, we could stop this bullshit in the future.

After all, Adolf Hitler loved dogs.

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