Gloom Eternal

Berlin is at it again.

“Scrape the grey sky clean. Realize every grey cloud is a smoke screen to blind us from the truth, and the truth is whether we see them or not the sun and moon are still there, and always there is light.”

Shane Koyczan

Well, you had to be a true believer today. I am dead sure there wasn’t a millisecond of actual sunlight to be found anywhere in town.


The saying goes that you have to endure Berlin’s winter to enjoy its summer. Which brings me to the worst point in all this: Where is the real winter? Remember snow? Sure, it would turn into gooey, grey, fume-stained slush after three days, but I remember there used to be at least three days up to a week with actual snow around. Remember that fuzzy, feel-good blanket that, at least for a tiny bit, would cover the dirt and exhaustion?

Snow; last seen February 2012 in Frankfurt(Oder)

My old man once pointed out that the way he sees it, climate change will announce itself in central Europe with somewhat eternal autumn only dispersed briefly by abnormal heatwaves. I marvel how abt his prophecy was.

It seems winter is the first victim because we sure as hell did not have one in years. At most, there are two to three days of a rainy snow mush abomination that everyone posts to Instagram for two hours. My first instinct is to dismiss those finger-on-the-pulse-of-modern-life influencers with the thought of “Man, have they never seen snow before?” However, I am increasingly worried they literally might not have.

And it’s not even cold. All Berlin seems to muster this year is four months of November, and YES – I am grumpy.

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